‘NAMBODIA – Post 10 – From the Plane

I’m writing this on the plane heading back to the States. We just left Frankfurt and I am looking forward to getting home. So far it’s been a decent flight, a little bit of turbulence but nothing alarming. If this gets posted, we obviously made it through just fine.

Just had a couple thoughts that I wanted to jot down before I not only forgot them but forget how they feel (which is often just as regretable).

– This really was an excellent trip and to think, I almost didn’t want to go. We’ve joked a bit about some of the planning elements and the slow trickle of information but back at the end of 2009, I was really considering filing for a trip variance and going to Amaharo in Kenya and head up to Uganda. I’ve been wanting to go, interested in the Amaharo gathering (annual gathering provides of mutual learning for African and non-African leaders that build disciple-making communities with an emphasis on justice and mercy) and it would have been cheaper. However, I knew I did not want to miss out on this time with my cohort and as the plans for this trip unfolded, I trusted our leaders.

Which brings me to Steve Kriss. Cool dude. In many ways, he is the right fit to lead this trip, part trip organizer, part professor, part normal guy, and part spiritual guide, his style really lends itself well. Also really glad that Miguel and Janel were able to come and share this time with us.

– Cohort 10. Wow – I am going to miss these people, even Billy. It did suck that KJ and Evan weren’t with us but just like we have had to move on without Tony, once again, we persevered. (inside joke here – Tony was only part of the program for one day.  His name still appears on our name cards and we’ve had a good time with that.  Tony, if you are reading this, we miss you ;-)  If I am being honest, I was really expecting some sort of huge blow-up culminating from 3 years of repressed anger and hurt. I began to understand why we didn’t have any battle royals on Tuesdays – we knew we could go home and let things settle and we had such a fun time teasing about other cohorts who didn’t get along, hee-hee), and I think that’s why our biggest debates were why Christopher really leaves early, who is the most sarcastic (my money is on Jen. Really), and the Designated Hitter rule. Tthroughout the trip, and their were some rough spots (and I don’t want to exaggerate) but not only did we really hold it together, we really did draw closer. Which leads me to believe that maybe Christians can get along. Are we really just the perfect fit of personalties, ages, and gifts or did we actually practice grace and love in community? Well, we still have one more debriefing on Tuesday and then there’s graduation …

– Lastly, I am really grateful for my family. I’m really excited to come home and seeing Susan and the boys. It’s only been two weeks and I know there are soldiers and missionaries (an odd pairing, wouldn’t you say?) that go much longer without seeing their loved ones and may grace and love fill their hearts. But I really can’t wait to see my family. I’m also grateful for my church, I’ve always have been. Though I know not everyone was on board with me going on this trip, there were so many that were really supportive, including our youth leaders and even my senior highers.  (Yeah I miss them but only the ones reading this can know that, tomorrow night, it’s back to business as usual – God loves you but your youth pastor is a bit disappointed ;-). It was also funny to see a youth group from CA in our lobby yesterday, I hope they have a great and fulfilling experience).   I admit that I am a bit surprised of the kindness that many have expressed to me and through Susan, and I really have been encouraged by that.

I hope to finish up my posts on our time in Cambodia, add some pictures and fix typos in previous posts and knock out my NT Wright study this week and maybe even blog about a couple of things in the current Neue magazine. Hope you are well.


  1. Jennifer Lee says:

    I’M the most sarcastic?? REALLY?

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