Life Update – 6.24.10

I stopped doing the Monday Morning Brief thing because I thought it was too boring. I think only Marko and a few others can pull that off. Anyway, some of you kind readers have given feedback that you wanted some life-update stuff. So, for those who care, I’m renaming this to “Life Update” (the creativity is scary) and will post them with with no planned regularity.

Coming Home Was Nice
In case you couldn’t tell from the countless posts, I had a great time on our IME (International Missions Experience) trip with my seminary cohort. You can read all about the trip under the ‘Nambodia category if you are interested but coming home was also pretty cool. Susan does an incredible job and I was grateful for all the help my in-laws gave her. I have to say, I was relieved that Dylan remembered me (you know sometimes these little kids give you the cold shoulder when you haven’t been around) and Nathan gave me the biggest hug he’s ever given me. Great to be home and nice to be loved by the family.

Pictured here is from my office door. Nathan and I went to the church office to say hello and pick my mail. Nathan made a little welcome home picture for me (with a little help from our pastor’s wife – thanks!). I thought it was funny as I was going through my messages, he decided to peel the stickers off and take them back.

Father’s Day with the Family
I had a great time with my family this past Father’s Day. My parents, brother, sister, brother-in-law, niece and a few other dear relatives and friends had been away on a cruise. We met up at my aunt’s house and caught up. My niece has gotten so big and so cute.

Graduating This Weekend
Well my time as an Lead MDiv student has come to a close. I had tried pretty hard to get to seminary over the years and the odd thing that I am realizing now is, I have enjoyed it more than I thought i would. I gained much more than I thought I would and I hope that becomes evident in some way in my ministry and my life in general. Really going to miss my cohort friends but that’s what Facebook is for I guess.

Sr. High Mission Trip to NOLA
In just two weeks and we’re headed back to NOLA. We are bringing a group of 20 students and 4 leaders and there are quite a few first-timers, I’m excited about that. From a big-picture level, it’s been assuring to see this aspect of our ministry not just get more participants but adopt a healthier mentality of what missions is and how do we here in the ‘burbs live in response to the issues of our day and thus, how we share the truth, love and gospel of Jesus. So much more work to be done, in a number of these areas but I have been happy to see the progress. To God be the glory.

Fantasy Baseball Update
First in one league – almost last in the other.

For all you who asked …
Nope, I am not getting the iPhone 4. I don’t think I’m as early of an adopter or technophile as some suppose I am.

Thinking About …
Getting an iPad ;-) (Actually, I’m more interested in getting a Kindle when the technology improves, you know when it makes page turn noises and omits the smell of the book.)
Our youth ministry for this fall and our awesome youth leaders.
Taking the boys to a minor league baseball game.
When to post my NT Wright study blog posts.
When is Evan and Amanda’s baby coming?

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