The “Whole Gospel” dvd by Q – Come to our August Group Study or host your own

For those interested in either attending or doing something similar, I sent a FB Invite to some friends connected to our church regarding this dvd study by the good people at Fermi Project.

Hey Friends,
Hope all is well.
Last time we met, we discussed the opportunity to have a small group study.
We had talked about a dvd or book series. Given this point in the summer I am suggesting that we have a 5 Session Study on a dvd called “The Whole Gospel: Revisiting Our Message to the World. It’s part of a series called “Society Room” and is produced by Q. This 5 Week Session includes interviews and conversations with Chuck Colson, Gabe Lyons, Margaret Feinberg, Jamie Tworkowski (the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms), Tim Keel, and several others. Here’s a promo video of the series –

I know time and energy is very limited for all of us and chances are, if you have any connection with the Second Mile, you are not a stranger to the idea of small groups. So here’s how I want to frame this. For the last several years, the topic that has shaped me (and I believe many within our church) the most has been the Gospel. Are we being faithful to it? Do we describe it the way Jesus, Paul and the early Church Fathers did? Are we short-changing it? And so this year, this is the theme that I hope we as a community can explore together. My prayer is that this time will lead us to be a stronger Christian community in the way of Jesus. And so, I think this is a great place to start and here’s the breakdown of my planning.

This is a 5 Week Commitment to discuss the questions and thoughts concerning the Gospel from the dvd “The Whole Gospel” for anyone interested.
– 5 Weeks – We’ll use these 5 weeks as a pilot program to figure out the next season of group study. This will have a defined start and end date, then we can evaluate what happens next.
– Commitment – These conversations only work if we are committed to the study and to the group. The most “successful” groups are committed groups and the first part of this is
simply showing up. So there will be a Facebook sign-up to see how many people can commit to the first one. If it’s apparent that we do not have commitment, we won’t meet. If it’s obvious that we do – then we’re on!
– Questions and Thoughts – All of us have them – come and share.
– DVD – In terms of a study, it allows everyone in a new group setting to begin at the same place. We can discuss other methods of study for the future (books like The Hole In Our Gospel or essays like Scot McKnight’s “The 8 Marks of a Robust Gospel”
– For Anyone Interested – While the Second Mile is geared for those in their 20’s and 30’s, we are by no means exclusive. So if you are college-age or have children or grandchildren who are, you are welcome. It also needs to be said, that while most of the language is Christian, you do not need to be a Christian to come and participate. Again, all are welcome. We simply ask for commitment for study and a genuine respect for others as we reflect and dialogue together.

Here are the dates and other details.
Monday August 2 – Session 1 – Reframing the Gospel
Monday August 9 – Session 2 – Spiritual Conversations
Monday August 16 – Session 3 – Cultural Commission
Monday August 23 – Session 4 – To Write Love on Her Arms
Monday August 30 – Session 5 – Culture Shaping Project and Debrief

In the Fireside Room of MEFC (141 Grand Ave. Montvale, NJ.)

And yes, I’ll brew some coffee ;-)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
If/when you have decided to do participate, I’d like to ask you to commit this time in prayer.

LIke I mentioned in the beginning, If this reaches you and you are interested, know that you are welcomed. If you are interested in ordering the dvd for yourself for personal or group use, click here.

Grace and peace.


  1. Just found your blog (via JesusNeedsNewPR). I’m looking forward to reading more even though we have opposing views (you, a Yankees fan; me, not). Thankfully we share a love of coffee and Jesus. :) The group study sounds awesome. While I can’t go, I’d love to pray for those involved.

  2. Lol – Thanks Sandra. Well, at least you like coffee and Jesus.
    I’ll have to check out your site soon.
    Appreciate the prayers.
    See you around.

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