Life Update – Monday August 9, 2010

What I Have Been Enjoying –

Family walks. I am completely aware that writing makes me look good but I think I write and act in certain ways that don’t always make me look good so I’m evening it up here. What’s great is that I really do enjoy our walks.

Date Nights with Susan – We made a few post-seminary resolutions, among them were to bring back date nights. So far, we’ve gone to see Inception, Countdown to Zero and the Arcade Fire in concert. There was quite a while to make up but we’ve had a lot of fun. Susan picks the next date.

My Pastor’s Sermons. This week was on one of my favorite topics – forgiveness. It’s not favorite as in my favorite flavor of ice-cream but more like in the sense of my favorite natural disaster. Meaning it’s a topic that I don’t always like to think about but need to. Btw, my favorite natural disaster is the comet/astroid headed towards earth. Ironically, it occurs as often as some Christians practice forgiveness – BOOOOM!!!

Was fortunate enough to speak to a youth group in Jersey City about my time in Vietnam and Cambodia. Honestly, I thought it was a bit odd when they called me to ask for that but I was told that they prayed for me while I was away. I was really flattered and thrilled to share about our experiences there.

Got to Go Flying – Seeing NYC and North Jersey at 1500 feet is pretty cool.  We went over the Newark Airport, around the Statue of Liberty, (we buzzed the crown Top Gun style :-), saw Manhattan, Yankee Stadium, the George Washington Bridge, and headed back to Caldwell.  It was very cool – thanks John.

Grateful for what’s going on in the lives of many of my friends and hopeful for others who are in challenging times.  Really grateful that Evan’s son, Evan IV has recovered from a high fever that sent him to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.  We have some friends enjoying pregnancies and others who are in transition – may God be with us!  It’s in these moments that I find prayer an essential element in real friendships, I covet theirs and may they remember us as well.

We also said goodbye to one of our “favorite” youth leaders, Josie.  She’s headed to Honduras to teach for two years. While she will be missed greatly here in our youth ministry , our church and community, we are really excited for her.

I plan on blogging about –

The Arcade Fire concert and the topic of the suburbs.
A little bit about from our “Whole Gospel” Monday DVD study. Last week we had an excellent conversation from Tim Keel’s presentation at the Q Conference in Austin.
Lady Gaga’s interview in Rolling Stone magazine. I have to admit, whether her it’s her or her music, she finds a way to stick with you. It reminds of the Seinfeld episode of George’s trying to get stuck in this woman’s head by saying “Costanza” (in the tv commercial tone of ‘By Mennen’) every time he left the room.
and maybe posting my seminary graduation speech. My sister was kind enough to video tape it for me.

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