Life Update – 8.26.10

Our family just got back from Arizona a few days ago. My parents and brother flew out as well to celebrate my niece’s first birthday and to spend some time with my sister and brother-in-law and his family. It was the first time that our entire families had been together since their wedding – only this time with all of our kids. These moments are so special to us and while they might not be cool in the Arcade Fire concert sense, we absolutely love them.

Spending time with the family, visiting relatives, meeting the new babies’ of our older friends and hearing the great news of new ones being pregnant has really made it a great summer. And while we realize this joyful season can’t last forever, it’s great to enjoy and the summer is not over – We are looking forward to a couple other reunions soon.

Looking forward to a number of other things as well like:

Evan Curry’s ordination at Redemption Church. Proud of this guy, grateful for his growing family, relieved that his newborn is healthy (after a viral bug that put him in the hospital), and honored to be sharing at his ordination service.

Getting ready for the ministry year and I am excited about the changes we are making. Among them, we are dropping our name – Fusion. It was a fine name that we inherited from the previous youth pastor’s ministry (who is a good guy). We had a decent logo but it doesn’t really reflect what we are about. Other changes include our format, interns, and different leaders. After coming off a busy summer, we were able to rest in August and I find myself excited for the new year.

We are also taking advantage of Andrew Root’s Zondervan offer and reading Relationships Unfiltered. (Yep, that blog campaign worked for me. 40% off a great book – no brainer).  You can read the first chapter here.

Our Second Mile (a ministry geared for 20’s & 30’s) dvd study on Q’s The Whole Gospel from their Society Room Series, has been very solid as well. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a deeper discussion on the what is the greater scope of the Gospel. It’s a 5 sessions study intermixed with presentations from Q and an essay. Since August had 5 Mondays, it worked out. Along with the presentations, we have had great discussions. Which was cool because this group hadn’t spent a lot of time in serious dilagoue before this time. In fact, there were some I didn’t know at all. We are planning on taking September off and getting together in October and discussing The Hole In Our Gospel by Richard Stearns (president of World Vision). Really looking forward to that and anyone local is welcome to join us.
Our next Second Mile worship service is September 11th and the message will be a reflection on the events of 9/11 and our Christian response to it. Discussion afterwards – again, if you are around, all are welcome.

Re-Read The Teaching of the Twelve by Tony Jones. Brilliant. My first reading was a bit of a skim in between other seminary reading and I felt that I couldn’t read Doug’s new book without giving Tony’s introductory work on the Didache its due attention. I’m looking forward to the release of its accompanying dvd study.

Just Read Pagitt’s Church in the Inventive Age. Fabulous. Looking forward to blogging about it.
Reading those two together was a cool experience too. It was interesting to read a book about the ancient church and its relevance to today’s church and reading another about the future of the church and its essential connection to the ancient church. it’s not a new concept for myself and others but it was a great reminder. But be sure that neither of these books are rehashing or for the nerdy seminarians. Both are short, easy reads written to be read for everyone interested in the Church.

Starting to Read …
Radical by David Platt. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really into this book but my friend from seminary, Jeremiah Stephens (who just started blogging again and even better, just moved to the great land of New Jersey) loved it.
Reimagining Church by Frank Viola – It’s been on the To-Read Shelf for a while.

Listening to …
Mumford & Sons – wow, wow, wow.
Just got the new Sufjan Stevens All Delighted People. It’s not only the best $5 you ever spent but its fantastic. It’s beautiful, poetic, and fun. Looking forward to seeing him in concert. Along with the Arcade Fire’s Suburbs, this has been one of the best summers of new music.

Just posted my seminary graduation “testimony”. They asked me to speak for 5 minutes and I took my 20 minute speech and crammed it in 10. I think it was a fair compromise.
If you are into the missional conversation, have a connection with Biblical, and can get through all my shout-outs in the first-half (there are so many good people to thank) …

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