Reflecting On Bad News, Good News and Dylan Turning One

Earlier this week I had prepared a post about our second son, Dylan turning one and had planned on posting it by now but for a number of reasons, that post didn’t seem appropriate.

Monday morning I read news of friends who had a miscarriage and a church member’s aunt had died at her own daughter’s wedding reception. Add the news of another friend’s recent miscarriage, a number of people going through various treatments and losses, and many friends going through financial and career challenges and decisions, I just couldn’t hit the “publish” button.

I have been thinking about this and have come to a few realizations. One, we have some great friends. I know that all of our friends (yea, all) are extremely happy for us and would never want their sufferings to affect our joy – like I said, we have good friends.

Two, I have been an longtime advocate that the internet is a great place. Truth be told, I pray more for the needs of others because of things like Facebook and Twitter. Further, in today’s hectic place of life, things like Facebook keep us better connected. Like I said on friend’s blog recently, I am beginning to think that the internet was God’s idea.

Third, bad news travels too fast and good news too slow. Bad news finds a broader audience and good news is sometimes too awkward to share and to receive. Though I’ve always know that to some extent, I feel convicted in a sense to share more good news more regularly. As one who talks about the good news of the Gospel regularly, I’m encouraged that we Christians will always have genuine good news to share.

Other good news is that dear friends of mine – the Turners have had a beautiful baby girl and they have named her Delancey Sophia. She is now almost two weeks old and has already read Moby Dick, watched the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy and composed a series of sonnets that aid her parents in going to sleep. She’s pretty cool.

Fourth, despite my or anyone else’s Facebook profiles, pictures, real life amenities, and blessings, I do not know anyone who is living a perfectly happy, pain-free, stress-free life – Not a one. I know people who are in good seasons of life, tough seasons but I do not know anyone who does not have any problems. I know people who handle life’s challenges better than others but obviously, still have challenges. To that, let’s not ever let our envy and hurt consume us and allow it to create and harbor bitterness towards others.

Lastly, when Susan and I were going through our years of infertility, we genuinely were happy for those that were going through beautiful seasons of life and like I mentioned in post shortly after Dylan’s birth, we were relieved that no one we knew was going through the same thing. Sadly, we now know numerous couples but fortunately, we have heard and seen numerous great stories as well.

So to those that grieve for whatever reason, to those that are overwhelmed by the stresses of life, to those that do not see any hope, I pray you will lean on the grace of Jesus that offers to carry our burdens and sojourn together with us in this life. There was a time that I stopped believing in a number of things, and among them was seeing my wife holding our own children. This week, the second one turned a year old and I praise the Lord for His persistent faithfulness to the doubting and hurting. May the Lord give you joy as you seek His presence.  In the meantime, I deeply thank the Lord for these times and pray others would receive even better.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s got me thinking about good news.

    (Love the pics!)

    Peace +

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