My Review of The Invitation by Greg Sidders

I was given The Invitation written by Greg Sidders to review from Revel Publishing. Like all reviews, I am not required to give a positive one and these words are my own.

Who is Greg Sidders?
I didn’t know either but according to the back of the book he is a former journalist and the pastor of White Pine Community Church in Cumberland, Maine. He and his wife have three sons.
He seems like a great guy.

What I Liked …
Greg has an easy and enjoyable writing style. I’d even describe him as cheerful.
Short chapters filled with many illustrations and helpful Scripture passages.
Even in that small space, he does a decent job at explaining a passage or giving the meaning of a particular word/phrase in Greek.

What I Didn’t …
I felt that too many of the illustrations were dated and unoriginal. I think it’s great when pastors use their sermon material for a book but the material was old.
It wasn’t “messy” enough for me. Because of the “not-so-simple truth” subtitle, I expected it to be grittier.
I get the title is called The Invitation so he feels the need to be hospitable and kind but again the sub-title is “the not-so-simple truth about following Jesus” and it lacked the teeth to live up to that part.
Very quickly, I realized this book was not for me (or people like me) and my critiques may be unfair because I am not Greg’s intended audience.  SO, for those dear blog readers who don’t care for half the other books I recommend, this could be more for you :)

Who I Think It’s For …
Greg has a a nice guy candor to him. He seems to be very likable and I’m sure his congregation find his messages to be very encouraging.
I think this book is for the Christian who has been sitting in church for years but is aware enough to know that they’ve been missing the idea of discipleship.
It could also be for skeptics who have some understanding of Christianity. But know that I am not talking about educated skeptic but more the lazy skeptic (for lack of a better term). But Greg is not offering a C.S. Lewis-esque apologetic hear (but I’m sure he could, it’s just not what he wanted to do here).
Pastors who like to give books away to people in their congregation looking for something that is helpful but not overwhelming.

I think The Invitation is a great place to start if you have found yourself (or know someone) bored with their faith and confused about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.


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