What I Will Miss the Most/What I Won’t

Well we just moved to Massachusetts. All the major things are well and we are doing our best to unpack boxes and find stuff. Susan continues to do well with her pregnancy though she is really looking forward to having our baby girl soon. The boys seem just as happy in this house as they did at 5 Akers. My in-laws came up to help and we don’t know where we would be without them. This is such a bittersweet time as we leave such a special place. We had so many great friendships and many great blessings. At the same time, I am so excited about serving at Grace Chapel. I love my job description and am really looking forward to this next chapter. I wish all of my friends could relocate with us but I at least can be thankful that we already have some friends here in the area. One of my closest friends lives 1.2 miles from our new house and there is a number of people I’ve known for most of my life up here. I’m just thankful that this transition didn’t lead us to Maine.

I’m on a Bolt bus headed back to Montvale, I forgot my toothbrush and my car. So I thought I’d try to blog a little. I know it’s not deep and theological but at least it’s true … for me. And no, I didn’t really forget my car but left it so my wife wouldn’t have to drive (I’m making her move 9 months pregnant, the least I can do is drive for her, right?)

What I Will Miss the Most:
Our Community
We have great friends here. Our kids have great friends.
We have amazing students in our ministry.
Living next door to my senior pastor and his family. They were so good to us.
Serving the Kingdom with my youth worker friends.

What Else I Will Miss:
The Fireside Room
Walking into our boys’ bedroom, remembering when it was a home office and praying over them.
Pastor Chris’ Laugh (I’ll miss Chris too :)
The front of the church sanctuary
Walking out my back door with my bag and a big mug of french-pressed coffee for my 100 feet commute.
Yankee Stadium 22 miles from my house.
The YES Network
The Porterhouse Pub
The pizza and bagels

What I Am Happy To Leave Behind:
Introducing myself as being from Jersey and being asked about the Jersey Shore show.
The evil church copy machine
The dark “Narthex”
Making the left turn on to Grand Ave.
Church pews

(Aside from the obvious answer of serving at Grace Chapel and making new friends)
What I Am Looking Forward To:
Using the word wicked as an adjective
Learning as much Arabic as some of my friends here (which is like 10 more words, sah ya ustaz?
Among many attractions, showing the kids the colonial history of New England
The Yankees and Red Sox Rivalry on enemy territory. (I may set a record for the shortest tenure at GC ;)
Getting back to a steadier life rhythm.
Which will help the blog. It seemed necessary to take a break during this transition and post about our family transition but I really look forward to reflecting and rambling about other things soon.


  1. You’re also going to love the rocky coastline. It’s so pretty up there. Good luck moving in!

  2. Love it, Tim. Keep blogging!
    (And we will miss you).

    You still totally do not have my permission to leave, you know.
    : )

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