The Condescending Angel’s Perspective – Blogging Through Our Sermon Series

Two Sundays ago, our senior pastor, Bryan Wilkerson gave his annual monologue. Each year, he gives this message completely in character from the vantage point of someone either in the Christmas story (like Zachariah) or in the 1st Century context (like Pontius Pilate). He writes it, memorizes it and delivers it. When I first heard of this annual “monologue”, I was a caught a little off-guard because from what I thought I knew of my new senior pastor, it seemed not him. I think those of of us raised in churches have seen these types of things go wrong so maybe you know what I mean. However everyone was really excited about it and kept asking, “He’s going to do give his monologue at the gc@nite service too, right?” I replied he indeed he was and found myself looking forward to this was well.

Well it didn’t certainly disappoint, in fact, it was incredible. Not just from a performance perspective but especially Bryan’s writing. This year Bryan became one of the angels in the heavenly host. It was a great character as he was able to avoid the cliche talk and be an angel that was in complete adoration of God but somewhat confused of His incredible love for mankind. The context was that this particular angel had returned to this world (he had visited the night that Jesus was born) and on this particular night, he was to appear to us, just this once, to tell us the back story from his vantage point.

The angel was sincere, he was condescending, kept referring to us “mortals”, reminded us of the order of creation humanity was beneath the angels, yet God’s redemption makes us heirs with his son Jesus, a concept that the angel could not fully fathom. You sensed the angel’s bewilderment and again, it was great message.

I think if we you were to take the time to listen to it, it would remind you of God’s great love for humanity from a heavenly, yet not divine perspective. It’s available here.

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