If You Missed It, January is Anti-Trafficking Month – 3 Links and Articles For You

Anti-Trafficking Day was this past Wednesday (1.12). To be honest, as interested as I am in anti-trafficking and the 20 email lists that I subscribe to, I did not realize til half-way through the day. Maybe you didn’t either but it turns out it’s Anti-Trafficking month so here are some links from the emails and tweets I’ve been catching up on.

IJM Cambodia: Former Chief of Police Convicted of Trafficking Crimes in Historic Ruling – I know we have corruption here in the US too but these headlines always drive me. Also, I had the honor of visiting IJM in Cambodia with my seminary cohort a couple years ago, I am so grateful for this crew of people – they really are amazing.

Invisible Children is working on a new film focused on apprehending the leader of the LRA – Joseph Kony. You can read more and watch the trailer here.

Sex Trafficking in the U.S. – The Polaris Project has a very informative website – you would do well to spend some time there.

Indeed, there are countless other sites and that’s a good thing. It means many care so check some of them out, begin learning, find ways to support, keep sharing and commit this issue to prayer.

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