Life Update – Nathan turns 4, We Closed on a House & Coming Soon on the Blog

It’s been a while since I blogged.

A couple months ago, someone said to me that they missed the Monday Morning Briefs I used to do. It was an idea that I took from Marko from whyismarko (and a handful of other bloggers) but I stopped doing them for a couple of reasons. Among them was that my life isn’t that interesting from week to week (like most people ;) Second was I got tired of talking about what books/music/movies/media I was consuming. Some of it came naturally because I was in seminary and was required to read so many different types of things. Add to that, I had a two hour commute (each way!) so I was going through a lot music/podcasts. I liked a lot of that but life is a little different these days and hardly sustainable the previous way. I look back at it now as quite sampling of a diverse range of things.

Still, my friend told me he missed the life update part and I felt honored by that. Blogs my nature are supposed to include your life and your voice and perhaps I have been hesitant in doing that as much lately.

So here’s a life update and likely a few random thoughts I’m processing and hope to blog about … one day.

This past weekend we celebrated our first child’s FOURTH birthday. I confess, I was a little moved when I buckled Nathan and his little brother, Dylan in the van so we could go to his birthday party at “Imajination” in Lawrence. It was such a great party with a lot of fun people as it was shared with our dear friend Chloe who turned two. Chloe’s parents and Susan and I are very close friends and sharing our kids’ birthday parties was a cool experience – we’re really grateful for that.

Our little Nathan is such a special kid. I know every parent says this but it’s true – that first kid is a turning point – everything changes. You know that going into it but Nathan was a little different for us because we adopted him with only 3 weeks notice. We got to be there for his birth, got to name him and bring him home. He may be adopted but I tell you, if you want to experience the genetics versus environment debate, adopt a baby. I swear he gets his sarcasm from me and his sweetness from Susan.

Speaking of adoption, we are so grateful to have been adopted into Bassim and Miret’s family. We were a bit overwhelmed (and embarrassed) by how many presents we left with. Grateful to be brought in to the fold up here.

Speaking of home, our other big news is that we closed on a house last week and we are really excited about. It has plenty of space which is great because of our young and growing family but Susan and I keep talking about how we need to limit our consumption and shed some stuff.

Coming soon on the blog –
Been thinking a lot about the Q Conference I got to go to. Some really great content to process through.
Really enjoyed Rumors Of God by Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson – review coming.
Excited about teaching at the Senior High group this upcoming Sunday. I love my new position but miss the students (well many of them anyway ;)
Working on a post about dealing with controversy.

None of these posts are related to the other … or are they?

Thanks for reading, your comments are always welcome and feel free to let me know (publicly or privately) if these life updates are worth doing.


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