A Brief Post on What I Hope to Gain From #C21Denver

I was sitting on the plane thinking about what I hope to gain from the Christianity 21 conference. I jotted a few things down in my notebook, some of it typical and possibly cliched but another part fairly personal.

If you know me, you know I like to get to a few conferences a year. If you read this blog, you know that I acknowledge this quite regularly. What can I say, some people go to the movies regularly or go shopping every week or to the spa, I go and listen and hang out with brilliant hip nerds, real practitioners and various spiritual types. It’s pretty cool actually.

Still, it’s so easy to consume this content and as many others have pointed out, allow this to be church camp for older kids. While you can’t take in everything (and no everything is relevant to you), I find that in somewhere in between the note taking, the conversations, the reviewing of the notes, the after-prayers and debriefing with Susan and friends back home, consumption is not what I feel. Instead, I usually feel moved, better informed, and hopeful. I may have even gained a friend or two from the time.

What I know is often I hear God convict, move and stir in me during these times. And I’m hopeful this time around I’ll be encouraged, stretched, motivated, possibly offended, likely inspired and who knows what else. Follow me on Twitter – @tg24 and check out the hashtag #C21Denver if you want updates.  I’ll try to blog a few things too.

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