5 Reasons Why You Should Come to the Justice Conference Simulcast

If you have ever had the experience of trying to convince someone to enjoy an amazing and worthwhile time then you know how I am feeling right now. The Justice Conference is taking place next weekend and I’m so grateful that our church Grace Chapel has agreed to be a simulcast partner site and I hope you can be part of it.

To those of you who already know you are coming, we’d be grateful if you spread the word, share this post and our other links and make a diligent effort in inviting others. The more justice-seekers gathered next weekend, the better. Not for the sake of attendance but for the good that can come out of this.

I know some are trying to figure out if this gathering is for you and so here are my 5 reasons of why you should come.

1. To get deeper in the conversation
You may be new to the idea of social justice or a veteran of it but regardless of the length of time you’ve spent in the [Read more…]

Thugs, Racists and Forgiveness – What Richard Sherman & Coca Cola Reminded Me This Week

When Richard Sherman gave his now epic post-game interview with Erin Andrews, I thought his words lacked class. He had a similar rant moments later with Ed Werner then again in his press-confernce  interview. It was a shame, because I liked him until then.

“Typical athlete” and I posted this on my Facebook timeline:

I love/hate sports. I admire and am easily annoyed by them too. Many are coddled, spoiled and enabled. Think Alex Rodriguez. Many are dedicated, humble and classy. Think Derek Jeter.

Later that night Sherman wrote this piece explaining his actions and asking not to be judged by that excitement and adrenaline of the moment. My first thought was “Wow, he has an awesome agent willing to write that up for him.” But after reading, I was not only convinced he was the author but appreciated his heart. Also really appreciated his words regarding the fans who threw food at the injured Navorro Bowman. For me, Richard Sherman was ok again.

Then later I actually started feeling bad for him. Because in the minds of many, he was not going to be able to recover as easily. Then this word kept appearing …


Woah, come on people, there’s a difference between lacking class and being a thug. And though I never used that [Read more…]

Reflecting on the the Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking Truths and Myths

I’ve spent a good chunk of this weekend reading posts about the Super Bowl Sex Trafficking myths. For those who don’t know here’s a brief recap:
Various posts stating that the Super Bowl attracts hundreds of thousands of men to town leading to greater numbers of forced prostitution.
In response, fact-checkers offer that some of these statistics are unsubstantiated and much of the rhetoric is tired exaggeration offered before every major sporting/cultural event like the Olympics and the World Cup.

My first thought was that I felt a bit betrayed by the exaggerations from anti-traffickers. My wife and I support anti-trafficking organizations and efforts by giving, learning, sharing, creating awareness, and prayer. Have we been conned?

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