Lamenting For Ferguson

I am in lament for Ferguson.

Among the many emotions, lament is the word and feeling that keeps coming up for me. I felt it soon after August 9th and posted a  long list of laments then, many of which I still feel today, some even stronger.

Specifically today, I lament that many are going to miss an opportunity to understand the larger hurt this represents.

I lament the feeling I get when I read “Black lives matter.”

I lament the pain this represents to countless people, people I know, many that I don’t.

I lament that we often judge a situation by its worst representatives.

I lament that we often judge a situation from a narrative that will only allow us to to see this from a singular, pre-determined view.

I lament that we will likely never know exactly what happened between Officer Wilson and Michael Brown.

I lament for the countless black men and other minorities who are profiled every day. You probably know someone who has told you something like, “I always leave my house dressed up enough to separate myself from a perceived stereotype but not too dressed up that I am associated by another.” I lament that is a reality.

I lament the actions of those who perpetuate the case for profiling and I lament those that use this as an excuse to continue to profile.

I lament the violence.

I lament that better days may not ever come or come too late in my lifetime.

I know as a pastor, as a Christian, as a person who values virtues like hope and love that I am supposed to outline a vision for better days. On some level, I still believe that but today it feels impossible to profess and call for this. And I lament this too.

I’ll spend some time in prayer, I’ll keep engaging with others in community, hopefully connect with new/different voices, read, and process. I believe God will meet me here in my lament. And if I can encourage you, let God meet you wherever you are too.




  1. Thanks for sharing this with us—it expressed what’s also in my heart. I’ve struggled with how to respond the last few days and have some friends that are in the thick of the protests and others who don’t seem to care at all.

  2. Thanks Jason.
    I think I have similar friends and many in between. This is what is so lamentable. Appreciate you reading – grace and peace. Tim

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