My New Year’s Social Media Resolutions

As this year begins, I find myself thinking about my use of social media. In general, I’m a fan – I enjoy Facebook in theory, Twitter and blogging (my blog has been down for 2 weeks – thanks for fixing it Todd Hiestand!). But there’s a dark side to social media of course and I have a few social media resolutions I am trying to pursue this year.

Resolution 1 – Remember the Purpose of Social Media
I had a friend share with me once how wonderful my life looked on Facebook. I told him that was funny because his page looked so much cooler than mine and we exchanged our memories of mutual envy over beers and laughs. He’s single, always on the move and cool but doesn’t act too cool and makes fun of hipsters which is what hipsters do of course.

He assured me that I was still cool. I not only own a minivan but one of my favorite moments is looking in the rearview and seeing three cute kids in their carseats. Even if I’m listening to the Arcade Fire at the same time, I’m pretty sure that’s not cool. He tells me, “It’s cool that you’ve accepted fatherhood instead of trying to be cool.” I tell him, I’m sorry I wasn’t listening, my wife just texted asking me if I know where the Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys are. “What were [Read more…]