What are you thinking, Sony?



It’s almost like Apple has staff on the boards of Sony.

I can hear it now, “Why don’t we charge people $50 more to not get stuff they don’t want?”  “Brilliant!” 


Maybe they got a guy at Microsoft’s table too. “Why don’t we take XP and make it worse!  Brilliant!”


The blogosphere is buzzing today with contempt for Sony, which just outlined its Fresh Start program and immediately ran into a buzzsaw of criticism for its plan to charge $49.99 for the privilege of getting a crapware-free PC. The echo chamber at Techmeme is working overtime, led by Engadget: “Sony has the nerve to offer a $50 ‘Fresh Start’ option, which ’scrubs’ the machine clean before shipping it your way.” My colleague Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has a typical reaction:

To get a craplet-free Vaio TZ2000 I’d have to pay Sony an extra $50 just to remove all the junk software that it installed on the system that I don’t want in the first place?” 


Here’s the link.



Truth is, I have a fantastic Sony LCD through a friend who works at Sony.   I hope he gets promotions and raises but I can’t help but laugh of how they try to innovate.  They make great products but have terrible ideas.  They’re like the church but much cooler.