Reviewing the iPhone

First, I’m thrilled that I only waited in line for less then 10 min.
I went about 2 hours later and the only line was the one at the register.

As everyone has already said, it’s great design. I also like the fact that it’s heavier then it’s appearance would suggest. Feels like quality.

The Safari works really well and it’s very cool. (though I hope that Edge network gets better)
Still can’t believe you can rotate the screen by flipping it sideways. Very cool.
Video is great.
You tube feature is nice.
Really easy to use.
Typing took me a little while to get used to, but like everything – you get used to it.
Standard headsets actually work well. Decent quality coming out of that. Very impressed. But I wish you could raise the volume even louder through the phone itself. Unless you are using the headset, it’s hard to hear in a crowded place.

Assuming you know what it’s good at it, here are my complaints so far.
No to do list. I thought it would be included with the ical app. It’s not. I’m sure someone will have a solution.
Can’t customize ringtones. That’s a letdown. It’s a device that was built in the world of music. You can’t give me standardized ringtones. I’m sure someone will have a solution.

This is great.