First Impressions of Our New Indie Coffee House

This is a repost, hope you enjoy. Originally posted this summer:
This post was born out of an email I just received regarding a local coffee house that opened up in our area earlier this year:
I will never be able to repress the moment when I walked in soon after they opened and said, “Congratulations, the place looks great” (it does, fireplace in the corner, some leather chairs, nice tables) and I asked, “So what are we brewing today?”
The answer was “Regular, Decaf and French Vanilla”.
What??  The answers I was looking for were “Guatemala, Costa Rican or French Roast.  For decaf, we have Ethiopian. And of course, we would never insult our patrons by brewing flavored coffee.”
But I figured, he’s probably a guy that the owner hired to help him out and that he would learn along the way.
So then I said, “Oh, do you know where the “Regular” is from?”
Literally he looked at the bag and said, “It’s from Arabica”  (He actually included the ‘c” – I am not making this up!).
It’s cool, I’ll stop asking questions to this poor employee who doesn’t know coffee and just order a “Medium Regular” for $2.  As we made small talk, he then revealed this bombshell – HE WAS THE OWNER!!!  I kid you not, he should have told me he was my father and cut my hand off with a light sabre and I would have had an easier time dealing with it.
I know I’m a bit snobby when it comes to this but you can’t open a coffee houses, charge Starbucks prices and talk like this.  I’m even aware that I do not know enough about coffee to open a coffee house (but I also don’t know enough about small businesses either).  And while we’re talking about this place, don’t put up a big screen tv over the cool fireplace and show Headline News, Fox & Friends and CNN all day.  It kills me to go in there and when I do, I take on the same attitude of entering a port-a-potty.  Take a deep breath, get in, don’t look around, do what you got to do, and leave.
My prayer now is that I win the lottery, buy the place, remove the big screen, brew One Village Coffee and get people like Tim Nye to run it.