Lance Armstrong, Oprah, Jesus and Us Viewers

You bet I’m going to be among the countless who talk about Lance Armstrong today.

I was among the many who stood in awe of how he was able to be keep winning. Admittedly, I was among those in the beginning who didn’t take seriously the doping allegations. I became a sports fan in the late 80’s and early 90’s and had bought into the belief that a dominant athlete could simply be “heads and shoulders” above everyone like Michael Jordan, Walter Payton, Rickey Henderson and Bo Jackson. They may not have always won the championship (though each did except for Bo) but they were the dominant athletes in their generation.

Cycling being more or less an individual sport, seemed to allow for the possibility that one dominant athlete could simply be consistently better than the competition. I’ll admit around the 4th Tour De France victory, I scratched my head … but I wanted to believe. He wins after he beats cancer – cancer! He won five years in a row then retires and comes back and wins two more – this stuff is just legendary. Who [Read more…]