Reflecting on the Tragic Death of Matthew Warren

There are many who are mourning the tragic suicide of Matthew Warren and unfortunately, there are some who are attacking Rick & Kay. Some have identified themselves as Christians while some of have identified themselves as non-Christians. Some in the latter group have generalized all Christians as naive or have stated this tragedy suits them for whatever reason. Grace and peace to them. As far as those who identify themselves as Christ-followers, I consider their attacks as shameful, unloving and unfit of the name Christian – wake up.

I’m writing this post not because I feel I have anything remarkably unique to add, I’m writing in hopes of adding to the side of sympathy and collective mourning. My heart is heavy for Matthew, for the Warrens and for the many like Matthew.  I’m writing for those who are struggling with mental illnesses – may God’s grace and peace find you.

Let’s be clear – there is only one response to a tragedy like this and it involves sympathy and mourning. But I [Read more…]