A Protestant’s Reflection on the Pope Benedict’s Resignation

So raise your hand if you saw the Pope’s resignation coming … don’t lie … nope, me either.

I’ll admit my ignorance here, I don’t think I ever thought about the Pope resigning. And as we have been hearing, it hasn’t happened for 600 years.

Being Protestant, I obviously have a limited understanding of the papacy but I did have a great deal of respect for Pope Benedict XVI as I did Pope John Paul II. I respect them as men seeking God’s will and for the hope they represent to those that see the Pope in this light. My respect is not an endorsement of the Catholic Church however. There is so much that I don’t understand about Roman Catholicism. I do not understand the merits of the “single male priest.” I understand it’s stated origins, I understand celibacy, I do not understand forbidding marriage. And really how can I? As part of the Protestant clergy, we are not only allowed but encouraged to be married.

And like many, I do not understand all the scandals and coverups. I know as soon as I write this, I may [Read more…]