A Greater Miracle: Jesus Walked On Ice

See, there’s always a rational explanation to these things. This report came out a couple of weeks ago. I guess I am naive, but I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously. I guess I naively underestimated the gullibility of others. That’s ok. I beleive in free will. Anyone has the freedom to believe this or anything. (Doesn’t mean they are right, or even smart but truth isn’t partial to the intelligent – it’s given to those that discover it).

Back to subject – this is similar to the “hovering theory” that I made up 3 minutes ago. Maybe Jesus invented minuature hoever-craft sandals that created the illusion of walking on water. Or the “suspension theory” that I made up two mintues ago. That one is fellow conspirator Judas holding Jesus up with fishing wire. Where was Judas? Take your pick, on the second floor of the fishing boat, in the helicoptor, on Superman’s back, there’s gotta be a rational explanation.

Ridicoulous right? How about believing that an entire lake of water became ice in a desert climate. Furthermore, a group of men, several of whom work on the water as fishermen decide to go out into a sea of ice!

Sure walking on water is unrealistic and takes faith to believe. That’s exactly why it’s called a miracle. But when conisdering that the Christian belives that Jesus is the Son of God, I am not sure which of these above options takes more faith to believe.

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