Reflecting on "God or the Girl"

First, I didn’t think I would be interested in this show but I caught all the epsiodes this weekend and watched the finale last night (Sunday). Three out of the four men decided not to become priests.

Though I find most of the the idea of reality tv exploitative, it was a decent show. This is probably the first reality show where I actually felt a great deal of sympathy for each character. Although at times, they were a little too cliche, that could be the problem with the medium. Personally, I know I am unable to quantify all of my thoughts, nor could I make it interesting enough for television.

My reaction after watching the show is, “This is why I am Protestant”.
I have some theological issues with the Catholic Church, but I also have a great deal of respect for them as well. And as a brother in Christ, I feel for them because they are missing out on great men by not allowing their priests to get married.

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