Should Christians Boycott The Davinci Code?

Boycott? No! Let’s JIHAD it!

My real opinion is that if your convictions feel that you should not see it. Don’t see it.
Want to see it, go ahead. There’s a lot hype around it, maybe you will find yourself in a conversation about it. I am passionate about what I believe but my personal evangelism is not resting on the movie theater. I believe we ought to be relevant and be faithful. See it and don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine too. Again, I believe that we ought to be faithful in the opportunities that we are given, it’s not going to rise and fall on The DaVinci Code.


  1. Bent El Neel says:

    The book still sits on our bookshelf. My husband read it but I still can’t. Well, he told me the main plot anyway.

    I suppose I should have read it before forming an opinion. But on the other hand, my opinion on Christ not being the Son of God is pretty much concrete and rading this flimsy novel ain’t gonna change it!

    So like you say; it’s not going to rise and fall on a movie!! Let the movie be shown, let them make their money, the Christian faith has stood firm and withstood much more over the past 200 years. Our God is a living God who doesn’t require our boycotts and jihads.

  2. This is one of the biggest differences between Christians and Muslims. Christ considered it a blessing to be mocked, to be persecuted, because that was the price of His love and His truth. And taught us that we would be blessed for our struggles.

  3. Jack:
    Don’t boycott it just watch anothr movie Barbara Nicolosi ( who really, really, really loathes the book recommends that Americans watch over the hedge an animated movite about forest animals who now live in the suburbs

    yeah but it,s a very sad testimony of just how theologically illiterate we’ve become in comparasion to the Middle ages and the early modern period



  4. Do you mean I should take down my sign that reads “God Hates Davincci, Dan Brown, and Tom Hanks!”?
    Fine, boycots never work anyway.

    But can I at least keep the one that says, “God Hates Tom Hank’s Hair!”?

    (I’m only kidding, his mullett-thing is very Old Testmment).

  5. christine says:

    too bad you can’t get a hold of a pirated version of the movie. then you can watch it without supporting it. (just don’t forget to go to confession afterwards for stealing hehehe)

  6. LadyCelticFire says:

    HI Jack I missed you :D

    Actually only one comment LMAO OH Surprise!!

    Boycotts have worked and WORKED well :D In the 80’s we boycotted aerosol hairspray and guess what, they ended up taking the CFC’s out of the hairsprays :D and also do you remember around the same time the boycott on Tuna Fish, because of the safety of the Dolphins :D Guess what, ALL tuna fish NOW carries the Dolphin Safe code :D

    So YES Boycotts work :D But I HIGHLY doubt that a boycott of the Da Vinci Code is going to work… hehehe I am quite looking forward to it. I adore Tom Hanks :D Its a FLIPPIN Movie People LMAO OI Did ya think Titanic was controversial LMAO

  7. Yeah, I guess. I agree, I don’t think a boycott here is needed or would be useful. Regarding the topic, of boycotts, I have my personal preferences on who I give my money to and who I don’t want to give to and that’s about it.

    Although I am blogging about it, I am not really that worked up about this movie. I kinda find the whole thing amusing. Again, if people want to see it – great. They don’t – great. Christians the same. Depending on what litmus tests we use, there are few movies that are going to be considered appropriate by believers anyway. But generally, I don’t go to movies to be informed, I go mostly to be entertained and depending on the movie, at best, inspired. All of us have the choice to determine what we allow to influence us and if people want to be educated by the trends of pop culture – I guess that’s fine, but I pity them.

    Truth is, I’ll probably end up seeing this movie, if nothing else, for the conversation.

    Don’t remember what was controversial about Titanic.

  8. LadyCelticFire says:

    You had spoken about controversial untruths about the da vinci code, and well Titanic was SO untrue hahaha LMAO But my point was there was no boycott…. Now I could see boycotting the Passion of the Christ… That was a HORRIBLE movie and NO not becuase of the Christian thing… It was just a LONG drawn out freaking movie… Heck I was even prayin for his suffering to end, so I could go pee….

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