24 and Lost Finalles Week in Review

24 Season 5 – Pretty good.
Season 6 – inevitable. Looking for the resurrection of Edgar.
I was kind of hoping that they would end it though. It’s too much now. I watch because … well I don’t know why. It’s entertaining, annoying at times and cool mind-numbing brain candy.

Lost Season 2 Finalle – Fantastic.
Enjoy the discussion about some interesting theories here:


  1. i missed the finale! doh.
    i am not quite tired of 24 yet. I thought this year they were going to simply pull out cliches but they avoided that to some extent.
    like you said :brain candy

  2. Bent El Neel says:

    I second Alex: not tired of it at all. I don’t know why I like it either, but they must be doing something right!!!

  3. Alex, that stinks.
    I might be able to get it on a DVD for you though. I’ll work on it and let you know.

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