Blogging Interuption My laptop is in the shop. I …

Blogging Interuption
My laptop is in the shop. I might not have it for a while so my online activities will be significantly limited. See you around.


  1. celticfire says:

    Uhg! Who am I gonna argue with now?? LOL

  2. You need a Mac, my brothah!

    :) I couldn’t resist…

  3. Celtic, I’m sure you will find someone.

    But, I’ll be around.

  4. JB, in truth, I hope to be joinging the cult of Mac soon. I’ve been checking out that MacBook and I’m pretty convinced.

    But what do you think, white or black? I mean the white is Apple but the keys are white too which I think would get nasty looking after a while. The black is alright, but all the pc’s were black until silver became cool recently. Decisions, deciions.

  5. Carolanne says:

    Go for the silver and black. Not white – it gets grotty too soon and then you have to exchange it.

    I’m gonna miss you’re blogging so hurry up and make a decision!
    I don’t know if I’d survive a month without internet.

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