Ryan Adams at the Starland Ballroom

Saw Ryan Adams at the Starland Ballroom in Jersey. Weird place.

I can’t help but like Ryan. He’s too good. Yeah, he’s cranky, rambles a lot, and knows he’s a rock star, I like his music, what can I do?

The last show I saw was him at the Electric Factory in ’05. He was frustrated with the buzz coming out of the speakers (or was it the AC as he would inquire for an awkwardly long time). Then he yelled at the talkers in the balcony for a while, start the song, stop, yell some more, stop, play, yell, whatever. Then he walked off.

This time, no worries.
Great set with the Cardinals, played for well over an hour and half, maybe close to 2, I don’t know. Realize a good deal is rambling about whatever but great music. He sounded great.

They played for an hour or so, took a break, came back with a set of 5 more, wished us good night, then the house lights came on. This not being our first concert, it’s 11:30, he’d been playing for a while, we started leaving. They coming running out, yelling to turn off the lights again, and flippping out on the sound boothe. Then he says, “We went out for a smoke and you shut it all down. It’s like working at Books a Mllion and after taking a break, you come back in and discover they took all the books away …” Well, all analgoies break under scrutiny but whatever.

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