Veggie Tales Coming to Saturday Morning TV

VeggieTales too Christian for NBC Network demands edits, creator says it fears kids hearing ‘God loves you’

Even with the censorship, it’s a small step in the right direction. I might just break out the Cocoa Pebbles and stay in my pajamas Saturday Mornings.


  1. I have a friend whose kids were into Veggie Tales. Too bad they have to edit to get on tv, but at least (I’m sure) they will be able to send positive messages, etc.

  2. Carolanne says:

    Veggie Tales – my students love them! We can’t get them on TV here yet, even without the editing.
    You would have thought that the message “God loves you” would be worth keeping so that kids know they are worth loving.

  3. Marcguyver says:

    Yeah, I guess, “…God loves you…” is a bit over the top for prime time! But hey, don’t censor open sex, violent crime, and extensive vulgarity!

    Go figure.

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