U.S. Evangelist, a Critic of Islam, Reaches Out to Sudan's President

By Stephanie McCrummen

Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, February 14, 2007; Page A15

“KHARTOUM, Sudan, Feb. 13 — The first time that Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the Muslim president of Sudan, met Franklin Graham, the prominent evangelical Christian, the conversation came to a kind of standoff.

Graham, who has called Islam an “evil and wicked” religion, told Bashir in the 2003 meeting that he wanted to persuade him to become a Christian. Bashir, at the time fighting a civil war in the southern region of the country, told Graham that he wanted to make him a Muslim, Graham recalled…

(elsewhere in the article)

Although human rights activists and some U.S. officials are counseling tougher measures against Bashir’s government to end the violence in Darfur — and to more fully implement a faltering peace agreement with the south — Graham said that a softer approach is needed.”


I realize that there are many people encouraging Bashir to do his part to put an end to the bloodshed in Darfur and I appreciate Franklin Graham trying also. It just cracks me up that he thinks that Bashir is going to appreciate him after he called his belief system “evil”.

Again, I know that there are others there and that Graham sells stories that sell papers that end up being mentioned on blogs. Speaking of which, what happend to George Clooney?

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