Westminster suspends Enns – lame.

I have not yet read this book, looks like I will now though.   But being here at Biblical Sem., where Pete adjuncts, I have received a good bit of background on this story.  Come on now, Westminster, let’s keep up with the reformed tradition and have an open mind.  But this is part of the problem with too many in the reformed tradition.  They have found it all and from my vantage point they’re understanding of theology has already arrived. This is lame (Links to Christianity Today report).Here’s some of it:

  “Two of the hottest issues in evangelical theology right now are the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament and evangelical textual criticism. Peter Enns’s 2005 book, Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament, aimed to pose difficult questions about the human aspects of Scripture. It received both praise and criticism from noted evangelical scholars.


And it made things difficult for Enns at his school, Philadelphia’s Westminster Theological Seminary. A battle over whether the book undermined or contradicted the Westminster Confession of Faith has been raging for some time now, and apparently came to a head Wednesday at the meeting of the school’s board, which decided to suspend Enns.” 

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