What happens when you Google "Cuil"

So I was talking to one of the faithful readers out there when he told me about the new Cuil search engine.  Like everybody, I couldn’t figure out how to spell it so I Googled it.  Couldn’t find it – when search engines can’t find each other then I guess we don’t have enough of them.  So I clicked on “News” and there it was. And when I clicked this was the first article I saw.  

remainder of article here.



  1. Hahahah. Yes, I is faithful. And yes, I should have clarified how it was spelled. And yes, it did and prolly still does have a number of problems. I “cuil”ed my old blog and nothing came up, later in the day I did the exact same search and I got results so clearly they have some kinks to work out. Depending on their success, they will prolly be a problem for the lil guys on the block.

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