Monday Brief

Highlight of the week:

Definitely our Sr. High Service Project Weekend. I really believe in the purpose of this weekend and look forward to doing more. Will blog about this more but this year we did a worship service at the Good Shepherd Mission in Paterson, NJ then spent a couple hours afterwards hanging out with the men there. Served at the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission in center city Philadelphia with Evan’s students at Great Valley Pres. That evening went Bethel Church in Philly to hear Shane Clairborne. The kids connected with a lot of what he said. Still waiting for them to digest it all bc I am eager in hearing their thoughts and reactions. Sunday, we worshipped at the Well in Feasterville (where Todd Hiestand and Gary Alloway serve at) then went and at cheeseteaks (at Pats because they let me order in Arabic).

Book(s) I’m reading (and not reading): Rediscovering Paul for the emergent conference. Which I literally read 2 pages since last week. Read the Relational Way and finished up Community 101. This week I hope to read 2 more pages of Rediscovering Paul.

Podcasts I’m digging: Relevant Podcast as always. Fermi Project with Christopher Silber (on screenwriting) and for the first time listened to two fantasy football podcasts. A complete waste of time since both my teams sucked this week. Fortunately, one of my opponents must listen also because his team sucked a little worse. Something(s) that blew my mind: Came to the realization that I might as well run for Vice President one day too. Looks like anyone can do it.

Ministry update: Needing to get the ministry calendar ready.

What I am procrastinating on:  The ministry calendar.  My basement.  Need to get a new desk for my workspace.  Need to clean the area before getting the desk – Argh.



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