Reclaiming Paul Conference – Post 2

Day 1 – Partial premise of our gathering.

I’d like to think that I am going to come back and fix these notes but given my track record, I probably won’t. So these posts will be rough, and serve the purpose of reporting to the handful of my friends who wished they were here.

This was said in the opening of Mike Grossman’s presentation. Like most, I appreciate the context.
Why Reclaim Paul?
1. The Proof-texting that has gone with Paul
2. Privatization of Paul
    – those that have turned Paul into only being concerned with the individual/personal salvation only.
3. The primarization of Paul – what it means to be Protestant, Christian and not Catholic
    – The need for a more ecumenical Paul
4. De-privatization of Paul, De-Protestantation of Paul
    – Number of post-liberal, post-conservatives who feel they own Paul.
5. Paradigm shift – a number of scholars have shown interest in Paul. (He is in vogue)

He went on to say that there are a number of similarities of between Paul and us. He and others would continue also to emphasize the number of differences as well. Both were important discussions.
1. Pagan idolatry
2. Multicultural world with competing ideologies
3. living in a time of great ethnic conflict
4. Competing soteriology
5. The offer of Imperial Reality
     In what sense do we living in an imperial context and how does that affect our reading of Paul?

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