Reclaiming Paul – Post 3

From Phil 3.

– Paul of what he can boast

– People can be grabbed by Christ and dedicated their lives in reaching back and grabbing at Christ.

– After encountering Christ, he still sees his life as participating in the ongoing drama of God’s salvation.

–    The World is God’s creation

         – not something that his pagan contemporaries would have agreed with.

–    The world is/was God’s shalom. 

                  – it didn’t last too long

                  – in some ways, creation is damaged

                  – but God is committed to redeeming it

         – So he calls Abraham and establishing an everlasting covenant. 

         – Paul connects Abraham to Jesus.  He asserts that Jesus is Lord.

What this means for the Philippians (and Paul’s audience in general)  learning to find and inhabit one’s place in the drama of redemption.  Then to live accordingly.

Thus, one needs to understand Christ and see what He has done.

You cannot do this (understand/live the way of Christ) by yourself – it requires community to travel with you.

To inhabit this narrative together.

If there is one sensitive on Paul on Philippians 1:27 – order your common life in a manner worthy of the gospel.

   This again requires community.

 – This requires you to be more of an apprentice then a student imitate others (like Paul) in your own particular way.

      ** – A lot of attention was paid here by Steve and then in the talk back which was very interesting to listen too.  Here is where the notes fail you as a reader but when audio comes out, this was a highlight for me that I look forward to listening to again and mediating on.


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