Monday Morning Brief 4-21(on Tuesday)

What I Enjoyed This Week – 1. Celebrating Nathan’s first birthday party with our family and friends.  I can’thelp but being really sentimental and grateful but I’ve been very moved by this season of life.  At the party, I was reminded of the many incredible family and friends we have.  We couldn’t invite everyone and there were some that couldn’t make it, but we couldn’t help but feel loved by so many.  I think we all had a good time … except Nathan.  He didn’t take his morning nap and that ruined his afternoon.  After we sang happy birthday to him, he didn’t stop crying and so he didn’t eat his cake and we all wanted to see that. His real birthday is this Sunday and we saved the cake so maybe then.  Pictured here is my favorite moment of the day. Nathan came over and gave me this sweet hug. It came after his nap and the party was winding down and a I promised him that his first car wouldn’t be the church van.  It was a beautiful father and son moment.

2. I was fortunate enough to catch the first game at the new Yankee Stadium with a few friends.  We were missing one though (but I commend him for his financial responsibility, especially at this stage in his life). As for me, I felt that I had to be there.  I shudder to think how much more embarrassing of a loss it would have been had I not been in attendance.  Seriously when you go to games like that, the outcome almost doesn’t matter, you go to be a part of it all.  

Regardless of what thinks of the Yankees, it’s a beautiful stadium and for a while there was a big part of me that didn’t want a new one.  They did a great job but we’ll see if the Yankees magic and charm crosses the street because I’m a little afraid that we may have lost a thing or two in the move (too many luxury seats that equate to 4000 fewer seats worry me).  But again, the stadium is great.  


What Caught My Attention this Week – 1. Desmond Tutu’s NY Time’s article What Burma Needs From the White House. 2. The Obama-Notre Dame debate.  Should Notre Dame have invited him to speak?  I think I’l blog about this one day.  

Student Ministry Update – We did our Sr. High Service Project Weekend and it was pretty good.  Though I wished that more students were able to attend I was reminded why I love to do these.  I know it’s not about numbers and I have a resentment for those that stress it but these weekends are solid and I’d rather bring 30 of them to this than going bowling.  Anyway, I had mentioned to the students that because there were so few, they weren’t going to be able to hide behind anyone – they were going to have extend themselves and serve.  Friday night we went to the Good Shepherd Mission in Paterson and a couple of our kids shared about what God has brought them through.  They did really well, especially since they were being vulnerable.  Before we concluded the worship service, one of the guys in the program stood up and commended them and led an affirming applause.  I don’t care about applause but I was blessed that ourkids connected with the men again.  Saturday morning we picked up trash (not bc of Earth Day but because there was trash on the ground) around our church and around our community.  Then that afternoon we spent time with those who have developmental disabilities at the Eastern Christian Children’s Retreat.  These posts are supposed to be brief but it was so good for us to spend time with people that we never get to see.  We got great responses from the students and I hope this was another step in developing our student culture of Christ and mission.

What I Am Listening To – All the usual podcasts and the new Decemberists album The Hazards ofLove. Initially I think it sounds like the Decemberistis which is ok, that’s who they are and I like them.  But I was hoping for something a little different like the difference between Death Cab for Cuties’ Plans and Narrow Stairs. I’ve said stuff like this before and a few weeks later appreciated the album in a different way so hopefully that will happen again. I’ve also been listening to the Welcome Wagon.  Thomas got to see them in concert so I’m hoping he blogs about that.  If you like Sufjan, you’ll appreciate them.  He produced, played and sang with them.   

What Amazed Me this Week –  Susan Boyle!  Wow, like everyone For the one person who may not have seen this here you go.  Click here for the link (embedding code was disabled by request.  Networks still haven’t figured it out)


  1. Hey Tim, I just noticed my blog in your blogroll and appreciate the link. Feel free to comment any time. I have just browsed your site and look forward to digging deeper. It seems you are a Hauerwas fan, which is always a good indicator, in my opinion.

    Oh, also, I like just created a youth ministry twibe (literally like 15 minutes ago). You might want to join up.

    Hope to chat with you more sometime.


  2. Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Yeah, I think I found your blog through Jake Bouma and you ended up on the blogroll.

    Regarding Hauerwas, I consider myself fairly new to him, knowing more about what some say about him rather than what he says. So, I’m trying to remedy that. I’m certainly inspired and challenged by him.

    I’ll get on the ymin twibe – thanks for the link.
    See you around and I’ll stop by yours soon.

  3. Sounds like we are in a similar boat. I’ve only read one Hauerwas book, but have read a few essays and listened/watched a bunch of lectures. He’s a character, for sure.

  4. After I get a full time job, I’ll probably sell my car to pay for one ticket so I can visit the new Yankee Stadium, and, since I never caught I home run ball before, that will get me closer to doing just that.

    On a serious note, you’re a good youth pastor. Many kids in suburbia (even the city) wouldn’t get these type of experiences.

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