"Thoughts from the Turnpike" on Everyday Liturgy

This week our friend Thomas Turner invited Evan Curry and I to blog on his widely read site, Everyday Liturgy. Check out our posts:

Answering the Wrong Questions by Evan Curry –  “I’ve had my fair share of encounters with Christians over the years. I have found that Christians are in the business of asking the wrong questions and giving poor answers to wrong questions …”

and mine, Thoughts from the Turnpike Part 1

“… Flashback to the last time I drove through.  The previous billboard was about Islam and how you could learn the truth about it.  It was warm, friendly and implied that you, the driver, have probably been misinformed…”

Thoughts from the Turnpike Part 2

“If you read Tuesday’s post, you’ll remember that I was listening to Radiohead as I drove past that billboard that got me thinking. Shortly after that thought, I remembered the criticism of a well-intentioned friend who was concerned for my appreciation of Radiohead. I remember the conversation well. He thought it was a bad example for a youth pastor to be listening to them and then he almost fell out of his chair when I told him that I burned OK Computer for one of my students. “Do you want to get fired? If you want to relate to the kids, give him Third Day.”

Then I fell off my chair…”

Happy reading.

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