Monday Morning Brief – 10.6.09 – On Tuesday bc I've Been Told I'm a Relativist

What I’ve Been Enjoying Lately – 1. Sunday’s sermon went well.  I’m fairly comfortable preaching but the content was a bit risky. It was about confronting traditions that interfere with Christ’s mission.  The text was Mark 7 when Jesus answered the Pharisees’ question of hand washing by telling them they were hypocrites for their neglect of taking care of their parents. It was called, “The Clothes Don’t Make the Man”.  We had some audio glitches, will let you know if there’s a recording or not. 2. My fantasy baseball season came to an end.  I came in a respectable third.  One of my motivations for playing fantasy baseball was to pay more attention to the game and learn some of the players again.  Of course, that and enjoying the banter between friends are the benefits of fantasy sports. 3. Having fun with fantasy football.  In one league I am undefeated with a team that I wasn’t really happy with after the draft.  Still not sure about it, but they’ve been doing well.  Then in the league that I was pretty happy with after draft and our league commish picked me to win the whole thing, I’m in second last place. I guess it really is all relative and arbitrary. 4. One of my cousins got married this past weekend in a Manhattan penthouse.  It was pretty cool.  Even cooler is that they are a fantastic couple and I am very excited for them.

What I Am Reading – Jacob Neusner – A Rabbi Talks with Jesus – I was pretty excited to read this for class.  Our assignment was also to create a mediation journal.  I may post it, (I won’t if my grade sucks) but as much as I think it was good for me to read why Neusner wouldn’t follow Jesus, I have to say that I wasn’t really challenged by his work.  I found myself more challenged by the work of Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens.  Granted those are much different types of books but I guess I was expecting something different.

What I’ve Been Listening to – 1. new David Crowder Band, Church Music is excellent.  Looking forward to seeing them in November when they play the Bowery in NYC. 2. Dylan – Infidels 3. Still the new Muse.  That first track just makes you keep listening.  Thinking that after Sufjan releases his album that this will be one of the best years in terms of new rock.  I mean new U2, Kings of Leon, Dylan (and he’s releasing a Christmas album soon.  Yeah Dylan and Christmas)  4. Some NT Wright audio to help provide some soundtrack for Gospel of Mark class.

Student Ministry Update – 1. Last week’s Parent night went ok too.  Was hoping for more parents of our fringe and irregulars to come but one step at a time.  It’s always good simply to express that you are willing to meet and extend the benefit of the doubt to those that could not make it. 2. Our series on “God and the Other” is off to a good start.

What Made Me Laugh –

Faithful reader but rarely commenter showed me this spoof video from the Onion website about the Detroit Lions getting a visit from real NFL players.

What I’m Looking Forward to

1. The Yankees winning. 2. Baby boy is coming at the end of October.  Could this be the best October ever?

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