Recapping the Rob Bell Controversy #Lovewins Part 2 – A Few More Links Since the Book Release

Of the 140 million tweets per day, almost half of them are about Rob Bell and his new book Love Wins. I’m not really tired of the discussion because, frankly, I think it’s worth having. A few of my friends have asked for my thoughts and while I finished the book, I’m still working on how to appropriately share them (I like the book and only have one major complaint and a bunch of “yeah, I think I see what he’s saying, I’m not sure about that though”‘s). I have about three posts on the book and the reactions about it. But before I do, here are some of the links that I enjoyed over the past week or so.

Eugene Peterson’s thoughts
“I don’t agree with everything Rob Bell says. But I think they’re worth saying. I think he puts a voice into the whole evangelical world which, if people will listen to it, will put you on your guard against judging people too quickly, making rapid dogmatic judgments on people. I don’t like it when people use hell and the wrath of God as weaponry against one another…”

David Fitch’s post The Rob Bell Fiasco: Why We Can’t Have This Conversation. Regretfully, I resonate with the evangelical-divide idea. I’m also interested in reading David’s new book The End of Evangelicalism?

Rob Bell on Good Morning America.

Rob Bell on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Show – This one got a lot of attention because Bashir accused Rob of making the “gospel palatable” and rephrased the same question 3 times. I have a little bit to say about that and hope to post soon.

RELEVANT Magazine has a great online interview with him, entitled Is Rob Bell a Universalist? I thought the most interesting part was his answer to the question “Are your feelings hurt by the response and what has been said about you and your ideas?”

You can still watch the Livestream here.

And order the book here (only $12 from Amazon)

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