We’re Moving To Boston

So long story short, we’re moving to Boston.
I’ve accepted a position as the Pastor of Community Life at Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA. I’ll be serving in this community life ministry (similar to small groups) in a number of ways: recruiting/training community life leaders, serving at Family Community Night and encouraging further participation in this ministry. I will also be serving in adult discipleship, assisting with young adults and will be the “campus pastor” of the Sunday night alternative worship service. There are other aspects to the job description but this is a fair summary. I am really looking forward to serving with this staff. Everything I mentioned above is serving in conjunction with the other pastors and I’m look forward to being a part of the team. May the Lord lead us.

What We Prayed For
That God would closed doors and open doors. We also prayed that God would give us the grace to handle the closed ones and the courage to walk through the open ones. These are dangerous prayers.

Why Leave Montvale?
Yep you guessed it, it’s because of that office copier.

I know I put up this question and I know that I’m not going to answer it directly (because this is just a blog) but I also know that some are asking so here it goes.

As excited as we are to be a part of Grace Chapel, we are so saddened to leave this place. This is very, very true. We are thankful to the Lord for allowing us to be here. As I said in my resignation letter to the church, this place is special for so many reasons. It’s a wonderful congregation, has a very special youth group with amazing volunteer leaders, and it’s here that we began our family. So why leave?  There is nothing dramatic but in short, we’re feeling that this chapter is nearing an end and we sensed the Lord leading to a new one.

I know those spiritual sentences are somewhat confusing but I’ll add this – we have been seeking the Lord’s will on a number of aspects for some time and it’s been through a prayerful search that we’ve reached this point. If you have ever been through a search like this, you’ll remember that it’s more than jobs you are searching through; you are also searching through your heart as well. As I mentioned earlier, these prayers can be “dangerous”.

Why “Leave” Youth Ministry?
I love youth ministry. I love students. I especially love ministering to our students. And I am intentionally not using the past-tense in any of those statements.  If you know me, I think it’s safe to say that I have a broad range of interests concerning the Church.

There is a part of me that really believes that I could serve in youth ministry for the rest of my career. There is another part of me that wishes to pursue some of these other interests, like the missional church in today’s context. This is also why I liked it here; I was able to do both to some extent. I tend to think that God extends a certain measure of freedom in our calling and I now think He has opened a door for me and my family.

Further, while students will always have a special place in my heart, as other opportunities were becoming available, I found myself drawn more to them then starting over at another youth ministry. There’s so much that I like about our youth ministry and while I know you cannot “copy and paste” something to somewhere else, I’m not sure that I would not have tried. I hope our students understand this as a compliment. All this said, I do hope that I am able to serve students in some capacity where ever I am.

Why Go to Grace Chapel?
Because Red Sox fans need the hope of Jesus too ;)
I’ll leave the rest of that for another post.


  1. Bryan Nye says:

    Well said my friend. You and your family will be missed. We wish you well and we will definitely look you up next time we head up to Boston! I love it up there! Best of luck packing everything and moving on up to Massachusetts! All the best brother! You’re in our prayers.

  2. Heather Riley says:

    Good luck!!

  3. What the heck, bro! i will miss you and I am in total shock that you are leaving. If your church is looking for a new YP i have a guy that is looking to move to the Northeast. When do you leave?

  4. Tom VanAntwerp Wilmington Campus Pastor – is a guy i know from when I was a child. You should ask him if he remembers a guy named Eric Couch from North Syracuse Baptist church.

  5. Dang it Tim! Just when we’re packing up for Ohio, you pull a move to New England! Lexington is an awesome town, and I’m very jealous. Best wishes for you as you transition!

    And really, from the perspective of the National League, there really isn’t that big of a difference between the Red Sox and Yankees. ;)

  6. The Slothful One says:

    Great news, Tim. Best of luck!

  7. Well, I looked at the church website and they look legit. ;) And my dad’s name is Bill Burke. And DL’s mom knows Bryan Wilkerson from back in the day.

    We wish all the best to you and Susan and the boys (And baby Tiffany :) ) I love Boston, and my sister lives on the Cape, so hopefully we will be able to visit sometime and stay connected!

  8. Congratulations and our best to you as you move.

    Love how you are looking at this transition, based on your reflections here. Seems like a lot of people don’t handle these things in the right ways.

    Peace to you guys +

  9. Congrats, Tim! So happy for you and your family. You are very talented, and I know that God has gifted you greatly to do great things for the kingdom. Blessings upon you and your beautiful family as you begin this exciting new leg of your missional journey (had to throw that buzz word in).

    Perhaps, God is calling you to be the peacemaker between Red Sox and Yankees…carry that cross, brother! Grace and Peace and Joy! Halleluuuuujah.

  10. Hey Tim, just in case if you were wondering…I figured out how you can get your students to read your blog. Just decide to move away! Haha, I Just wanted to let you know that your blog is finally bookmarked on my computer. I can’t wait to read about your experiences in Boston. I’ll be praying for you and the family!

  11. Amy Rossi says:

    I left because of the office copier, too.
    Best of luck to you guys!!! We’ll miss you!!!
    The Rossi’s

  12. Debispragetti says:

    I will miss you every time I get to visit, but I know this is right on for you. Prayers, blessings and thankful for current technology that will allow all of us to meet that sweet baby girl when she arrives, I guess all this means you will name her Karen Alyssa after your favorite secretary and student turned youth leader, respectively. :)

    BTW, I’m really liking the term “dangerous prayers” and I will probably blog about this myself shortly.

  13. How exciting! Great to see people being sensitive to the Lord’s leading. Pray you will have a smooth transition. Boston is a cool city.

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