New Rule Regarding Twitter Usage – No More Rules

About once a week, I click on a post that talks about the proper way to use Twitter. Like a sucker, I click and read and it’s usually written in a rant form (much like this post) and includes threats of unfollowing anyone who trespasses them. Now every Twitter user has every right to follow or unfollow whomever they want but I thought I’d push back on some of these.

I do like when someone tweets about their kids, parents, siblings, friends, meals, and various mundane moments of the day. The question that twitter asks you is “What are you doing?” Not “What are you selling?” Not, “How would you like to project yourself today?” Now granted, these questions are included but if our timeline is void of family and personal life, you have removed the human element and in my opinion, your twitter profile is only a brand. Most people will figure out the boundaries between boredom and being interesting. #youareahuman not #themostinterestingpersonintheworld

I do like when a husband/wife tweets about going out with their spouse. Admittedly, I am annoyed that many insist on describing them as “smoking’ hot”.  I click on some of these Instagrams and often I am disappointed. Kidding, kidding, sorta, but I do like when couples tweet about their dating – it’s a good thing. But maybe we could do without objectifying our soul mates. #Iamsmokinhot

I do like the inspirational quotes. For one, it gives us connection to what was said in the past. Two, it moves the narcism of the medium a little further off of you. Three, it generally demonstrates that you can read, click and maybe even think. Still, a timeline of all/mostly quotes is not appealing. #inspiremycoldheart

I do like it when you repeat your blog post link a couple times I follow a lot of people and I watch my Twitter feed the way I listen to the radio – whatever is on is why I listen to … err … read. So, I probably did miss your first tweet and I think tweeting it a few times is adequate. If it’s received a lot of buzz, maybe one that says, “Wow, a lot of people have commented, join the discussion …” If it sucks, you’ll know never to click on that person’s link again. If it doesn’t suck, hey, you may have benefitted from a great though-provoking conversation. That’s why you are online, right? #repeat/retweet

I also follow people that annoy me because some times, it’s good for me. #youinspiremewithyourcraziness

I find that people get annoyed by things on twitter because they are trying to actually read everything and they become overwhelmed so they get annoyed and make up crazy rules for a medium that has no rules. I think there are a couple other reasons too that has more to do with snobbery and such but I don’t want to get into that here. But for those of you who need metrics and scientific analysis, let me comfort you here. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the internet and it has led me to conclude that there’s a lot out there. So don’t try to consume it all, just take what you can get and move on with your day. #notabigdeal

Don’t get me wrong, I unfollow people that I don’t find beneficial (I have low “standards” though, they are very subjective and no rules) but I do like the medium. I like following, I like reading and my best advice is to be yourself and tweet whatever you think you should. #tweetonwithyourbadself

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