The God-Particle is Our Friend – Reflecting On the Divide of Science and Faith, Even When There’s Good News

First, I had to laugh a little at the first line of this Huffington Post article – “Physics fans went wild over this week’s announcement that scientists…”

There are fans of physics?? Might as well be. I know I’m nerdy when it comes to faith and religion but the thought of a Facebook Group possibly identified as “Phans of Physics” struck me as funny.

Then I got sad when I saw the tweets coming out from whom I am sure are sincere, good-hearted Christians like:
“They said they discovered the God particle that created all of life. Who created the God particle? Atheists ar stupid…” (hiding twitter identities)
“Atheists are freakin’ out about the “God Particle” – so scared we might use that info to prove Gods existence. They don’t know about faith!”
“higgs boson? more like higgs BOZOS. u know what the REAL god particle is? the bible. #owned #science #higgsboson #fake #lies #god #tcot”

If he had just 6 more letters, I imagine he would have added #ZING! – That one was painful.

But this is among the reasons I blog. To be another Christian voice that doesn’t sound like some of those above. Seriously, if I was on the fence about Christianity, this mentality would be among the reasons I wouldn’t become one. I also hope that those who share the aforementioned mentality can perhaps see that other Christians, who love the Triune, the Holy Scriptures, the Church, and have a heart for the world just as much as they do, can appreciate a different take.

I was excited to hear the news of the Higgs-Bison discovery. Though I did smile when I learned they nicknamed it “The God Particle,” I honestly didn’t care. I doubt God did either. Further, I am among those that grieve that there is a divide between faith and science because I find it so unnecessary. It seems to me that science and faith should be close friends, along with mathematics and history and psychology and anthropology and literature and …

Frankly, I do not see how God can be threatened by any human discipline, even science. While I know that many lovers of science have used it as reason to not believe in God that is not the point for me. That very same materialist who uses arguments form science to validate his skepticism could be very likely still be an atheist/agnostic even if he didn’t know anything about science. Seriously, if we somehow got rid of science, I do not actually believe that we would have more people in the Church. For those who choose not to believe will find another reason not to believe and God affords that freedom to all.

Even further, I am of the opinion that if you need God proved to you, faith will never be truly embraced. God cannot be proved (or disproved for that matter), it is anchored on faith and while reason is extremely important, I’m not of the understanding that you can reason yourself to belief. Probabilities, historical Jesus, rise of the early church, the passionate preaching of your awesome pastor are all great and wonderful and helpful, but ultimately it always comes down to faith – all things in life do.

And this is what puts all humanity on the same playing field. For instance, I thought it was interesting that at least one agnostic tweeted this – “Also, does the discovery of the so called God Particle imply that Atheists are Wrong. What do they have to say? I m still Agnostic though.”

So why is called it the “God particle?” Well, I didn’t Google enough to actually find the consensus but from what I could tell it has to a few things.
The Higgs Boson is a lame name. Sounds like the little engine of the Craftsman lawnmowers – Briggs-Stratton.
Two, this is what gives mass (and other characteristics and values) to particles and that’s a big deal. I even heard on CNN that there was great fear in not discovering this because if its non-existence was proven, it would undermine much of today’s understanding of modern physics so again, it was really important. I’m happy they found it, I like Einstein.

Further, we should remember that there are countless Christians who love science and find this discipline to enhance their faith. I love that my church actually has a Faith & Science Group. (here’s their FB page, you should “Like” them).

I don’t particularly care for the Intelligent Design arguments (yeah, yeah, some of them are ok, maybe it’s the ID culture that bugs me). I do however believe the God is the sovereign Creator of all things. So I find this stuff quite fascinating, interesting and I even think it’s fun.

Clearly, I’m not a scientist and when it comes to theology, I’m quite an amateur, but pastorally speaking, the Higgs-Boson God Particle does not threaten our faith. If anything, it gives humanity one more reason to celebrate the wonders of creation. So for those who need this, know that like all human academic disciplines, science is our friend.

For more check out this youtube video. While I cannot verify the legitimacy of the argument, it sounds good and it starts making sense after a couple listens but I’d stop at three :) Although the end has some humor.

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