Reflecting on the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day A Week Later – Post 3

I concluded Post 2 by mentioning I would respond to a couple of the pushbacks I received and then I’ll finish this little series with my suggestion of what Chick-Fil-A could do now. So it’s said, I appreciate how polite those responding have been. I’ve received texts, emails, FB messages, and a DM with various thoughts – all have been gracious, which isn’t always the case in the blogosphere. As always feel free to reply somehow or comment below but thanks for keeping it all so classy.

The first was on what do I think Dan Cathy should have said? Before I go further, if this is the first time reading this series, let me create a bit of context. Dan Cathy has the right to say what he wants and everyone has the right the to respond and so forth. Among the themes that has emerged out of this little series is that Christians can’t fight a culture war and seek the Kingdom of God simultaneously. Two, we need to foster dialogue that builds friendship with one another, particularly those we disagree with.

So if Dan Cathy was simply interested in rallying conservatives and so forth, then by this objective, mission accomplished. If this was a way to increase business – woe to him (though I don’t actually believe that). However, I’d like to think that Cathy does not desire to make an enemy out of anybody and so this is the line of thought that I am addressing.

Beginning the answer “Guilty as charged” is a phrase that is going to incite. I’m not falling into the trap of attempting to offer what he should have said but in my mind “guilty as charged” is one of the little cousins to “forget you.” It’s arms crossed, avoiding eye contact, a body posture that says, “Deal with it.” There’s a lot he could have said and I believe you can intelligently state what you are for, even what you are not for without hurting the other, and if offering a line or two expressing sympathy is appropriate then by all means do that. It’s always contingent upon the listener to believe your sincerity or not to. And woe to all of us when we manipulate our words to sound sincere when we’re not and woe to us when we judge and condemn the other simply because we do not agree.

Chick-Fil-A did put out a press release expressing that they do not discriminate who in they hire or serve. Perhaps Cathy could have included a bit of that in his answer because at this point the press release, though better than nothing, it still felt a bit late.

The second pushback was from a couple people who wanted to know why I didn’t want Chick-Fil-A to suffer as I mentioned in my first post. As also mentioned, the country is divided fairly evenly on this issue. We don’t need to create suffering for our opposition, we need to create unity. Attacking and punishing only creates further division and entrenches our presuppositions. Frankly, this is in part of why we are in this extreme tension that has been brewing for the last three decades.

Though I didn’t get this question, it feels begs to be asked – How should Chick-Fil-A respond now?
IF this was all about religious freedom and so forth, then it would make sense that we seek ways to create conversation and relationship with those in the LGBTQ community and those that support. I would love to see Chick-Fil-A  have a day welcoming the gay community. It says, “We care” and although they have stated they do not support gay-marriage, they can still say “We welcome you.” Certainly not all will be on board but I could see moments like this be the beginning of needed conversations and friendships.

In my mind, this is only absurd if you are operating In the culture war mentality. However, in the peace-giving Kingdom of Jesus, this sounds good to me.

Come on Mike Huckabee – redeem yourself – create a “Chick-Fi-A Appreciates the LGBTQ” Day.

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