Blog Update

Dear Regular Readers,
Lately, I’ve been wanting to say thanks for reading the blog. I’ve always regarded it as a compliment that you would spend time reading (even if it’s just skimming some times ;) these reflections – especially because I’m not offering information or data but possible perspective, a very subjective one in fact – mine. Honored that you take the time to read.

So I know from the comment section it does not appear that many are reading but as it turns out, the last month of posts have received over 4000 “views.” There are all sorts of tools on WordPress and Google Analytics that are helpful but honestly if a 1/4 of this is accurate, I’d consider this a worthy investment of my time so again, thanks for reading – it’s been encouraging to see the growth. As always, feel free to comment, thanks to those of you who have shared these posts on Facebook/Twitter, it’s always nice to bump into them as I peruse the “interwebs” as well.

A few other things. I attended a social media seminar about a month ago and they encouraged bloggers to create a Facebook Fan Page. I’ve been reluctant to do that since I already link to my posts through my own personal FB but I ended up finding it to be convincing. So when it goes up, if you would “Like” my new page, I’d be grateful. if you’re conservative on your Likes and want to limit your Newsfeed, I completely understand. But if you already “Liked” a few hundred fan pages, hey what’s another? I promise to do my best to post solid content. I’ll let you know when the page goes up.

It looks like I’m going to experiment with a few book giveaways. I’m looking for the least cheesiest and least annoying way to do it. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Dear New Readers,
Welcome – thanks for stopping by however you found your way here. If you like what you read, would love for you to subscribe via RSS or email – all available on the right under “Let’s Connect.”  Also, feel free to message me if you like. Contact info is above or here.

What’s Coming Up:
Our oldest is turning 5 and I’m quite grateful. There will be a post ;)

I just went to the Q Conference in LA with one of my fellow pastors, Doug. I attend almost every year and it’s one of the highlights of the year for me. It’s abstract enough to excite me and it’s practical enough for some of it to be applicable. It’s not a theological gathering, although there is a good bit embedded throughout many of the presentations, at least for the evangelical/post-evangelical like me. I’ll be posting on some of what I found to be helpful soon enough.

While in LA, I attended a few worship services including Saddleback and RealityLA. After Q, Doug and I spent some time at Mariners Church meeting with them on their discipleship/assimilation plan and how we’ve been experimenting with some of that. Anyway, as you may have observed my perspectives on the “large church” have been shifting over the years. Obviously I serve in one and have really liked so much of what we do and I’m no longer seeing ourselves as an exception. While I’m not sure I’ll ever get over my suspicions of the mega-church movement, I am seeing some goodness though I still see some of its weaknesses. Still processing some of that, will likely spill over here.

Most of the posts are the thinking out loud about what’s been going on around me. So I’ll likely be posting again regarding the Boston Marathon bombings and a few other issues that have either grabbed national headlines or captured by attention via Twitter. Feel free to message me a topic, question or thought – this is always welcomed.

And some book reviews like:
Killing Jesus: The Unknown Conspiracy Behind the World’s Most Famous Execution – Stephen Mansfield
Some Lenten Devotionals including
Faith and Doubt and Other Lines I’ve Crossed by Jay Bakker
The Relational Pastor: Sharing In Christ by Sharing In Ourselves by Andrew Root

Again, honored you take the time to read this – thanks again – grace and peace.


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