Monday Morning Brief

Highlight of the Week – Taking Nathan pumpkin picking.  He didn’t like it but we did.

 Also enjoyed being at the EDA Conference with fellow pastors, old friends like Eric Couch.  Enjoyed listening to Dave Kinnaman, Mike Harder.  

Looking Forward To – The Emergent Conference “Reclaiming Paul” in Kansas City.  I really can’t wait for this.

What Broke My Heart – Reading this NY Times article, “Rape Victims’ Words Help Jolt Congo into Change” about the Congo’s Terrible Rape Problem.  

What I Am Reading – The Historical Books – Richard D. Nelson (for class).  Almost finished with “Reading Paul”.

What I Thought Was uhh… Interesting – The Washington Post didn’t show any respect to W (link here).  But Christianty gave it 3.5 stars!  My initial reaction is to think CT is trying too hard.

What I Am Listening to – Fermi Project Podcast 23 – with Andrew Crouch, Episode 20 with Brian McLaren, and Episode 19 with Shane Hipps.  Appreciate the Fermi Project.