Reflecting on Trayvon Martin & the George Zimmerman Verdict

Numerous times throughout the year, enormous controversies erupt across our country demanding all sorts of time, energy and attention. They include endless hours of media debate, arguments across social media, hurtful words, broken relationships and many times, we are reminded just how polarized we are as a society. In light of this, we are faced with a few options. One is to wait it out until media outlets find a new controversy to cover.  A second option is to jump right in the foray and swing away. And while there are probably a few more options, a third is to attempt to thoughtfully engage and contribute.

I’ll be honest, it’s tempting for me to sit this one out, avoid attracting any unneeded attention and frankly, I’m trying to catch my breath this summer. But since the news broke of George Zimmerman’s acquittal verdict, I have been trying to wrap my mind around what just happened. In doing so, I have been praying for peace, I’ve been praying that a healing process would begin to those who are suffering great loss, like the Martin family and the countless others who are hurting. I’ve been praying for the protection of others, from protesters to those near protesters to the Zimmermans themselves. And I’ve been wondering about justice, racism and our legal system. I’ve watched a little bit, and only a little bit of cable television but have read numerous of pages online.

Last night I felt somewhat informed, but a bit jaded. This morning I felt convicted that if we Christians move too fast past this, [Read more…]