Modern Slavery Stats from Good Magazine.

I enjoy going to Border’s and checking out some of the magazines.  One that has caught my interest as of late and now considering purchasing a subscription has been “Good Magazine”  (Subscription – 1 year- 6 issues -$20.)

Anyway, they had a couple pages in their “Transparency” section dedicated to some of the world’s problems (Driving, Lobbyists, Oil.   Among them was modern slavery.  Here are some of the stats from Human Trafficking; U.S. Department and A Crime so Monstrous Face to Face with Modern Day Slavery, Free the Slaves, United Nations Global Initiative to Fight.  They post a considerable amount of content from the magazine on their site.  You can also look at it here.

“Slavery – includes both traditional slaves and bonded workers who are not allowed to work off their debts”

The average cost of a slave is $90. – The same price as a Los Angeles Lakers ticket.

A slave is imported into the U.S. every 30 minutes.  – The same time it takes to watch a rerun of Seinfeld.

50 percent of slaves in the U.S. are engaged in the commercial sex industry.  

50 percent of slaves in the U.S. work in agriculture, manufacturing, or domestic work.  

Right now, the number of enslaved people worldwide is estimated to be 27,000,000

14,500-17,500 slaves are bought into the U.S. annually.

Hundred of thousands of slaves are trafficked to Europe and Eurasia every year.

920,000 people are enslaved in Latin America and the Caribbean.

1,300,000 people are enslaved in Africa and the Middle East.

24,000,000 people are enslaved in Asia.”

Like many I’m burdened as I read these things.  Prayer, general reading, one time-contributions, promoting awareness, and signing petitions keep me engaged in the subject (and many important ones like these) but I am in search of the next step.  As far as the point of this post, you may at least know a little more.