Reflecting on the Tragedy of #Aurora – It’s OK to Watch Some of the News and It’s OK to Grieve

Like so many, I am still processing the tragedy in Aurora, CO. It’s heartbreaking and what’s further devastating is that this is one tragic story among so many. Right now, there are 2 girls that are missing in Iowa and the parents are not cooperating with authorities. Right now the population of Syria is going through hell. Right now, our Twitter feeds are giving us new updates and reactions on the Sandusky/Penn State scandal. Right now there are painful reports that happen each day and these include acts of violence, abuse, human-trafficking, theft, disease, freak-accidents and countess other evils.

We’ve observed that events like the tragedy in Aurora immediately create a boiling point in society. The death toll, the drama, the horrific details are not only delivered to the public in dramatic fashion, but in some ways these tragic [Read more…]