What I Love Hearing Most When It Comes to the Science & Faith Conversation

Recently, I was interviewed for a project that focused on the relationship between faith and science. I answered questions based on what I’ve observed from fellow pastors, young people, those who love science, faith and from my own vantage point. I was honored to have participated.

As one who takes Scriptures seriously (yes, I mean Genesis 1-3) and as one who thinks science has something to say about origins and life in general (yes, I mean the theory of evolution), I’ve always been bothered by the strenuous relationship between the two. Now we know this is not exhaustive as there are many people who have found a wonderful balance between science and faith but we have seen too much unnecessary tension between the discipline of science and the pursuit of faith.

I was asked during the interview what was my favorite part of the faith and science conversation from a pastoral perspective. Well, [Read more…]