Recommending You Check Out the Music of Zach Williams

I can’t believe it’s been this long but two Thursdays ago, I was with a few friends listening to the great music of Zach Williams at the Bowery Ballroom. He’s among the artists that you should be listening to (like right here)

Zach has a great voice, excellent lyrics, a joy to watch live – He puts on a great show. Also worth mentioning are his fans that were at the Bowery. Obviously, fans show up to shows, that’s not new. But what I thought was interesting is that Zach leads worship at a church plant in Brooklyn but has managed to keep that “leading worship” world separate from the “performing music and artistry” world at the Bowery … but still include the same people. It was cool and as one who has never seen him in a worship-leading context, I found myself thinking about that.

The first time I had seen Zach was at last year’s Q Conference in Austin … at 9AM. Who’s good at 9AM? Zach Williams is. He sang “Names That Fell” with so much passion and energy that we almost dropped our Rwandan Thousand Hills coffee (which is great coffee – you can get it here. And no, these are not sponsors, just trying to support good stuff). I could go on and on about the music of Zach but here’s a video of “I’m Not the One” and “Names That Fell” at the Bowery – you can decide for yourself (“Names” comes in about 4:40 seconds or so).

One last video that my friend Matt told me about. Zach’s wife was involved in a life-threatening accident. I briefly met them at Q, never had any idea. He tells the story here – it’s a powerful 7 minutes born out of pain, confusion, supportive friendships, loyalty of love,  and the celebration of healing – among the necessary substances of great marriages.

Support great indie artists and buy his album from iTunes.