My Over-Achieving New Year’s Goals

1. Read one book …. a day.

2. Jog 20 miles … five times a week.

3. Benchpress the weight … of ALL my books (and I have got a lot of them)

4. Read through the Bible … in their original languages (I only know a year’s worth of Greek and know a few characters in Hebrew but I’m on it!).

5. Be the best X-Box 360 player in my youth group. I figure if I train hard while they are at school, I’ll have an edge. And if I pray for my students as I am destroying them in Madden and Call of Duty, I can call that ministry.

6. Give more in the offering plate, as in suggestions. Sometimes the trustees don’t respond to my emails, I may have to step it up.

7. Blog more Seinfeldly. Like the other day, I was getting out of my car, and I wasn’t sure if my phone fell out because it felt like something fell out, but when I looked, I didn’t see anything. I looked again, and still nothing. Are you familiar with this? (Enter my George Costanza-like friend). “Yes, that would be the ‘fake something out of your pocket’ drop. The only way to avoid that feeling is to either wear clothes with no pockets, thereby insuring that nothing can fall out or wear clothes with loose pockets, cramming them with loads of stuff, thereby increasing the probably that something will actually fall out.” (Enter Kramer-like friend), “Check it out, I found an iPhone next to your car – Giddy up!”

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